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About Lindsey – Girl from Canada

Hi everyone, my name is Lindsey, and I come from a small town in the heart of Canada. With too much snow around in winter, and the temperatures dropping way below -20 Degrees Centigrade, there’s little a warm-loving girl can do…. Staying in the house, enjoying the fire, and reading is pretty much anything that makes sense to me. I like to learn, and I’d love to visit many countries all around the world, and enjoy warmer climate. But since I have no resources to make this dream come true, I stick to reading. A good book offers you an opportunity to visit not only another countries, but also other cultures and mindsets. Sometimes I go so deep into the book that I forget my actual surrounding … and travel.



  • Single, having a boyfriend who works 1000 miles away
  • One little brown dog is my companion in the house
  • Never been outside Canada
  • Reads more than 40 books per year on average
  • Native language is French


About Browzerbooks

I try to pick books that aren’t famous in Canada, or even aren’t famous anywhere in the world. When you imagine how many titles are published every year, and the market share taken by the big companies, there’s no wonder small indie publishers get little recognition. I sympathize with them, since I, maybe, haven’t gotten that much recognition yet either.

And so I hunt books outside of Amazon bestseller categories, read them, and if any of them catch my attention, I post a review. Sometimes I may reviews a mainstream book as well, so don’t be surprised if that happens.

I firmly believe that the quality of the books is determined both by the writer, and the reader. If you read without prejudice and with open mind, you can get something from every book.

That doesn’t mean, however, that it is worth reading just about anything. We have just limited time to live, and can read a fraction of books in our silly lifespan. That’s why I believe sites like this one make sense, since they help people to make a good decision on what to read…


Should you have questions or feedback on my reviews, feel free to contact meĀ  at lindsey@browzerbooks.com . Thank you, and enjoy the reviews!

About the reviewer

Hi, I'm Lindsey, an avid book reader and chocolate drinker. I review for you great books, mostly indie published, to give you an idea of a good read outside of mainstream garbage. Inspirational stories are the main topic of my reviews.

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